Wednesday, June 29, 2022

PFL To Split Half Of PPV Division Event Revenue With The Fighters

The PFL is taking a major step toward further compensating its fighters that will compete in the upcoming pay-per-view division in 2023.

The PFL will launch a PPV division next year. While details surrounding the league’s plan for the division have been scarce, the league has revealed that it’s going the extra length to further compensate fighters who will fight on the league’s PPV cards.

“Starting in 2023, outside of the league format, we’re going to put on two super fights,” PFL co-founder Donn Davis said in an interview with Spinnin Backfist. “As of today, we’re open for business. But we’re going to do two things different. Just as we disrupted before, fighters will be true economic partners in their fights. 50/50 for pay-per-view shares. They will share 50 percent of the revenue of their pay-per-view fights. Never happened in the history of MMA, No. 1.

“And No. 2, until now in pay-per-view it’s been a one-company town. It’s now a two company town. If you’re a fighter, you have choice. When you have choice, you have opportunity. Before, the only company that put on successful pay-per-views were UFC and they’re great at it. Starting in 2023, there’s a second company.” (h/t MMA Mania)

The 2022 PFL season has been eventful, featuring instant classic fights like Clay Collard vs. Jeremy Stephens. The league also brought back its biggest star, Kayla Harrison, after a lengthy free agency.

The PFL has added a unique element to the sport of MMA. Its champions at the end of each season each earn $1 million for winning a title.

The PPV division could potentially open the door to a Harrison vs. Cris Cyborg cross-promotional fight happening as soon as next year. The latest details revealed by Davis could make the division more enticing to fighters outside of the PFL.

What are your thoughts on the PFL’s planned revenue split for their coming pay-per-view division?

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