Thursday, June 30, 2022

Pimblett: “Never Catch Me In Paris Again” After Attending UCL Final

The UFC is scheduled to make its French debut in September, but don’t expect Paddy Pimblett to be booked for any future fight cards in Paris.

The English lightweight traveled to the Parisian suburb of Saint-Denis over the weekend for the UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid CF. In a series of tweets after the match, Pimblett has said he never plans to return to the French capital following his experience there.

“Disgusting! Never catch me in Paris again like crazy shithole that! How anyone can go there for a weekend with their partner & feel safe I 🤷‍♂️! UEFA still try to use an easy scapegoat in LFC fans instead of being honest saying Paris Cudnt handle the final as local took over!”

Real Madrid ended up winning the match by a score of 1-0, and “The Baddy” found himself fearing for his safety as the spectators made their way out of the stadium.

“Lad how dodgy was it David?!? First time in a very long time I’ve actually been worried about my own safety & I can look after myself! It’s different when there’s groups of 30 men running around wielding machetes robbing ppl at knife point an beating up defenceless old men”

Pimblett was there to support his hometown club Liverpool FC, but he was quick to acknowledge that his issues were with the French locals rather than the fans of Liverpool or Madrid.

“Madrid an Liverpool fans are not to blame for anything on Saturday, these were the scenes as I left the ground. In general fear u wud be attacked by 20 men with weapons luckily enough we stayed in a pack an they didn’t come near us just picked on vulnerable ole men on their own!!”

Paddy Pimblett is scheduled to make his third UFC appearance at UFC Fight Night London in July. The former Cage Warriors champion has won both of his UFC bouts by first-round stoppage and will face Jordan Leavitt at the upcoming London card.

What’s your reaction to Pimblett’s tweets and him saying he’ll never return to Paris?

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