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Poirier: Chandler’s Comments Are Another Example Of MMA Fakeness

UFC lightweight Dustin Poirier believes that there’s little to no realness in Michael Chandler‘s recent words from his post-fight interview at UFC 274 to his comments since.

Since the May 7 pay-per-view, which saw Chandler brutally knock Tony Ferguson out with a front kick, a new feud has been born. The former Bellator champion has made his disdain for Poirier known in the past, a level of animosity that derives from his belief that “The Diamond” dismissed him upon his Octagon arrival.

After Chandler omitted Poirier from his post-fight callouts, which included the names of Charles Oliveira and Conor McGregor, the Louisianan questioned his absence, beginning some back and forth on social media.

In the latest interaction, Chandler responded to his branding as “Michael Chinler” by reminding Poirier of his knockout loss to Michael Johnson, who finished Alan Patrick this past weekend at UFC Vegas 54.

According to Poirier, that jibe is the only real thing Chandler has said.

When questioned about Poirier’s presence above him in the rankings and a possible fight with him, “Iron” responded by claiming he’d forgotten about him. According to the #2-ranked lightweight, that, as well as Chandler’s post-fight interview at UFC 274, represent an example of the fake nature of the game.

“That’s just like when he grabbed the mic after he won. If you really believe that these guys, the stuff they’re saying, is real, you’re outta your mind,” said Poirier during an appearance on The MMA Hour. “You think the guy forgot about me? The route to the title shot? Charles is still (the champion)… I’m number one. And who’s the draw? Bro, I’m not that guy to point and pick on people… but if we go to the numbers, which don’t lie, you were supporting cast in the last pay-per-view that you fought on.

“Look at the numbers, six-something? What they (Chandler vs. Oliveira) sell, over 400,000? I don’t know, I don’t play that sh*t ’cause I don’t really care, but don’t say stuff that you can find out the numbers and see who’s watching more,” added Poirier.

Poirier Down To ‘Spark Out’ Chandler

It seems that Chander’s main gripe with Poirier surrounds the former interim champ’s comments after the 36-year-old made the switch from Bellator to the UFC. When asked whether he did disregard the newcomer, Poirier not only admitted that he did, but he suggested that Chandler’s two UFC wins since have done little to change his view.

“For sure (I disregarded him). He’s never beat anyone coming off a win in the UFC, Ariel. He’s been dropped in his last three fights,” noted Poirier. “He’s never beat somebody coming off a win. What is Dan Hooker’s last five fights and what is Tony Ferguson‘s last five fights? The two guys he beat in the UFC, what are their records in their last fights?”

Ultimately, Poirier made it clear that he’s down to settle their differences inside the Octagon, expressing his desire to ‘spark’ somebody out as soon as possible.

“I’m not talking trash, I’m stating facts. It’s whatever, bro. I don’t care. I’ll fight him, too. Whatever, I don’t care anymore. Just book me something… Somebody’s gonna get sparked out for sure, let’s go.”

While Chandler has previously shut the door on a matchup with Poirier, fighting the man directly behind top contender Oliveira in the pecking order would certainly aid his hopes of securing a second title shot.

How do you think a fight between Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler would play out?

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