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Russian MMA Fighter Faces Possible Sentence For Extortion Of Minor

A Russian MMA fighter is facing a possible seven years in prison after allegedly extorting money from a teenager.

Askhab Magomedov was arrested at a hotel in Moscow after the extorted teenager’s mother became aware of the incident and informed the police. According to, Magomedov threatened the teenager with blackmail and violence in an attempt to obtain the desired money.

Police also arrested streamer Nekoglai at the hotel room where Magomedov was staying, though it’s unclear at this time if the streamer is involved in the case.

Fearing the threats made by Magomedov, the unnamed minor paid part of the demanded 600,000 rubles in October 2021.

Askhab Magomedov (

Ministry of Internal Affairs spokesperson Yulia Invanova released this statement following the arrests.

“Thanks to the joint work of investigators of the capital’s Investigative Committee and employees of the criminal investigation department of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow, with the power support of SOBR “Capital” of the State Institution of Rosgvardia in Moscow, two defendants of 1989 and 1999 years of birth were detained. Searches were carried out at their place of residence.”

This was not Magomedov’s first run-in with law enforcement. It was recently reported that he got into an altercation with security guards near a Moscow railway station on April 25. The Russian MMA fighter apparently drove his car through a barrier and into a parking lot close to the railway station. Magomedov then became combative with parking lot security, resulting in the police being called.

While Magomedov was detained by police for the incident in April, no other punishment came as a result of his actions. Should he be found guilty in this extortion case, Magomedov could spend up to seven years in prison.

Askhab Magomedov holds a 1-1 record as a professional MMA fighter. He lost a featherweight bout via strikes in 2009, and most recently competed in 2019 as a middleweight. Magomedov won that bout via third-round corner stoppage.

What’s your reaction to this news of an MMA fighter allegedly extorting a minor in Russia?

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