Monday, May 16, 2022

Ex-MMA Fighter Sergei Kolotsei Allegedly Tortured, Murdered Ukrainians

Sergei Kolotsei, a former MMA fighter turned Russian military commander, is the first soldier suspected of killing civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

Ukrainian prosecutor Iryna Venediktova accused Kolotsei of torture and murder during Russia’s ongoing occupation of Bucha during the crisis between the two countries.

“Prosecutors of Bucha have established that this very military serviceman killed four unarmed men in Bucha on March 18,” Venediktova said of Kolotsei in a Facebook post. “He also tortured another civilian on March 29, forcing him to confess to saboteur activities against Russian troops.”

According to Venediktova, Kolotsei kidnapped, trapped, and tortured a Ukrainian civilian with an assault rifle and knifle handle during one incident. He also allegedly forced the civilian to sniff a dead human body and subjected the alleged victim to a “mock execution.”

Kolotsei has been informed of the allegations and has denied his involvement in the killings of Ukrainian citizens.

“Before accusing someone of something, establish all the details, otherwise you will be accused of threatening and slandering civilians of other countries,” Kolotsei said.

Kolotsei accumulated an 0-2 professional record in MMA and last competed at an M-1 Global event in 2010, losing via unanimous decision.

What is your reaction to Sergei Kolotsei’s alleged involvement in killing and torturing Ukrainians?

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