Friday, May 27, 2022

Thomas Paull Explains What It Is Like As A Deaf MMA Fighter

Thomas Paull looks to make his way to the UFC in the near future.

Professional MMA fighter Thomas Paull is making his own way in the European MMA scene. Now having 11 professional wins under his belt and three in a row, he is looking to take a leap and make the next step in his career. Paull, who has been deaf since birth spoke a bit about his career, the challenges he faces as a deaf fighter in the sport, and more in an interview with

“Being deaf has definitely influenced me on my sport path because I have learnt to defend myself,” Paull explained. “Hearing people used to pick on me or neglect me, not letting me be part of their team, like in football or whatever. I felt I had to remind them to not neglect me.”

Paull said he grew up in a predominantly deaf family and in deaf communities. He explained that his childhood led to his interest in MMA. He had to learn to defend himself in his younger days and had an interest in sports.

Now he trains at Team Underground MMA in London. His last three wins were all KO victories, with the last coming in the first round over Perry Andre Goodwin at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 18. If he continues on this path, he could possibly join fellow deaf fighter Askar Askarov in the UFC.

“The good thing about MMA is we don’t need to talk – we just let our fighting do the talking and that’s where I get some respect,” Paull said. “I get so much more respect from this so then they are willing to make an effort to communicate with me. I don’t have to go all the way, we meet halfway. That’s why MMA is so great.”

What do you think of Thomas Paull and his journey to the UFC?

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