Thursday, May 19, 2022

Usman Responds To Paul’s Mockery With A Hypothetical Question

UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman has given Jake Paul some things to think about following Paul’s recent mockery of him.

Usman is expected to return to the UFC Octagon later this year after undergoing hand surgery. He’s slated to face Leon Edwards, who is coming off of a win over Nate Diaz at UFC 263.

Usman is the UFC’s pound-for-pound best, but he’s also hinted at pursuing other challenges in the fight game. He’s called out Canelo Álvarez for a crossover fight, with both sides exuding some interest.

Paul and Usman have gone back and forth on social media in the past, but Paul upped the ante by mocking Usman’s desires to fight Canelo. In a recent tweet, Usman hit back at Paul for accusing him of hypocrisy when it comes to boxing.

“You’re really good at this internet tough guy shit I give you that,” Usman replied. “2 questions for you… 1. You & Me locked in a room who makes it out alive? 2. Saul & I locked in a room who makes it out alive? I like your energy though.”

Usman has won 19 fights in a row, with his lone defeat in MMA coming against Jose Caceres at CFA 11 in 2013. He was submitted with a standing rear-naked choke by Caceres.

Paul Likes The Idea Of Being Locked In A Room With Usman

After seeing Usman’s response, Paul hit back with a doctored image of Usman tapping to a Paul-faced Caceres.

“Me and you locked in a room together… sounds like a good time to me,” Paul tweeted. “I’ll bring the fuzzy handcuffs.”

Paul is planning a return to the ring later this year and recently teased August 13th as his next fight date. He’s been linked to potential bouts with Tommy Fury, Michael Bisping, and Anderson Silva for his next challenge in the ring.

If Usman gets his wish in the form of a fight with Canelo, a boxing match with Paul may not be completely out of the question.

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