Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Watch: Fedor Babich KOs Opponent With Perfectly Timed Knee

If you’re wondering how to knock out someone with an impeccably timed knee, look no further than Fedor Babich.

The Kazakhstan-born Babich turned a submission attempt from his opponent’s back into a knockout with his knee as his opposition attempted to get back to his feet.

Watch Babich’s knockout below.

The knockout moves Babich to a 7-5 professional record, which has included stints in Brave CF and MMA Series.

Before his knockout win at Black Sea Fighter, Babich earned finishes over Azamat Karaev and Oleg Korotkov. He knocked out Korotkov in just 16 seconds with a head kick at Motiv Warriors 1 last October.

What is your reaction to Fedor Babich’s knockout?

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