Thursday, June 23, 2022

Adesanya Advises Whittaker What To Do Next With His MMA Career

Israel Adesanya is giving some advice to an old foe.

The UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has firmly cemented his place at the top of a very stacked division. The only loss of Adesnaya’s professional MMA career so far has come when he tried to make a move to light heavyweight. Making a jump up in weight classes can be difficult for some, but Adesanya thinks it could be the way to go for one of his former opponents, Robert Whittaker.

Adesanya holds two wins over Whittaker at 185 pounds. The first was back in October of 2019 when he took the middleweight title from him. The next was more recently, in February. The UFC often likes the idea of having fighters face each other three times if the interest is there from fans and the fighters, but Adesanya doesn’t seem so interested.

“Bobby, he’s a great fighter, I’ll give it to him, he’s a great fighter. But I know how that book ends. I’ve read that book twice already. First time was a quick read, second time was little bit longer,” Adesanya said at a UFC 276 press conference. “I mean, he’s probably going to be at the top for a while, but if we fight again, I know how that book ends. So, that’s why I’m excited about this next fight, new blood, someone I’ve never fought.”

Adesnaya’s next bout is set for July 2 against Jared Cannonier. This will be his fifth title defense and his first time headlining an International Fight Week event. As for Whittaker, he is set to take on Marvin Vettori in Paris in September. That bout is at middleweight, despite Adesanaya thinking a jump up could be beneficial.

“If he wants to, he should go up to 205, see what that’s about, maybe try there for a little bit. But yeah, I’ve read that book already, and I don’t like reading the same book over and over again.”

Do you see Robert Whittaker getting another shot at the middleweight title or do you believe a move to light heavyweight is better for him?

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