Sunday, June 26, 2022

Alex Caceres Admits He May Not Become Champion With His Mindset

Alex Caceres is comfortable handling his career the way he wants, even if that means going against what might be expected from a UFC veteran.

The 33-year-old featherweight recently appeared on Brendan Fitzgerald’s podcast Fitz Nation and spoke about his unique mindset. When the UFC commentator asked Caceres if he struggles to balance the expectations of peers and fans with how he chooses to do things, “Bruce Leeroy” was open and honest.

“Of course. I feel like with the way I live my life, the way that I talk, the way that I choose to be, it makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. Like ‘Oh man, how can you be a fighter if you don’t watch fights?’ Like, I just don’t watch fights, I don’t wanna watch fights. And I don’t watch tape on people.

“And so I don’t study fights, I don’t make game plans and stuff like that. Honestly, I live my life day to day, and when they call me for the fight I train really hard like I do every day. I still train, then I just cut a little weight before the fight and then I fight. And that’s what I do, honestly. That makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable.”

Caceres won a unanimous decision over Chase Hooper during a recent five-fight win streak. (Zuffa LLC)

While Caceres admitted that earlier in his career he was more conscious of what other people wanted, he has no such issues now. He’s been in the UFC for more than 10 years, and Caceres doesn’t see any reason to change the way he’s doing things.

“And you know, [fans] go ‘Oh, but you’ll never be champ.’ Maybe I won’t, maybe I will. Who knows? But I broke into the Top 15 that way. Maybe I might go further, maybe I won’t. But it’s the way that I fucking wanna do it. I don’t have to have an excuse for you…So, like finally trying to come to terms with that, that was a very difficult thing for me to do in my life and career. Just not giving a fuck about what people think.”

“Bruce Leeroy” entered the UFC in 2011 after appearing on Season 12 of The Ultimate Fighter. While his early career in the promotion was a bit up-and-down, Caceres hit his best stretch from 2019-2021 when he put together five-straight victories.

The 33-year-old’s winning streak was snapped when he lost a unanimous decision to Sodiq Yussef earlier this year.

What do you think of Alex Caceres’s comments about his mindset and chances of becoming UFC champion?

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