Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Anderson Silva’s Boxing Coach: Jake Paul Would Pay Dearly In Fight

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s boxing coach believes Jake Paul would pay “dearly” in a fight.

Silva’s coach, Luiz Carlos Dorea, recently spoke to MMA Fighting about a potential clash between “The Spider” and Paul. Dorea spoke out about Paul’s criticism of Silva’s latest performance.

Last month, Silva topped Bruno Machado in an exhibition bout in Abu Dhabi. Many raved about Silva’s skills, especially being that he is at the age of 47. However, Paul wasn’t impressed by the performance, saying as much in a social media post soon after the fight.

“You have to laugh, right? Have to laugh,” Dorea said. “Jake Paul is doing his part, which is to promote.

“It’s obvious there’s no way he can face Mayweather, one of the best boxers of all time, and Anderson, another legend. He never fought a striker.”

The fight took place on the same card as Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s exhibition boxing bout, which headlined the card. “Money” also picked up a victory, after which Paul noted he could beat both Mayweather and Silva in “the same night.”

However, Dorea says, should Silva and Paul ever share the boxing ring opposite one another, the latter would pay “dearly.”

“If he’s considering an [official] fight [with Silva], I think he will pay dearly. In promoting, it’s all valid. He’s doing his part, using his tongue, but you can’t use your tongue inside the ring.

“You have to use your fists, and it’s a whole other story. Anderson is far better,” Dorea said.

“Anderson has always trained boxing when he was fighting MMA. He was always a striker with good boxing and muay Thai.

“Now, almost two years later and the three [boxing matches] we’ve done, and training boxing specifically for this, Anderson is evolving a lot.

“He’s more confident in his movement and defense. He had great boxing for MMA, and is putting on a show now. His level is so high.”

What do you think about a potential boxing match between Anderson Silva and Jake Paul? Who are you picking? Sound off in the comments!

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