Sunday, August 7, 2022

Askren Suspects Kevin Holland Is ‘Paying People’ To Commit Crimes

Ben Askren has a conspiracy theory about UFC star Kevin Holland’s recent vigilantism.

Askren was recently interviewed by The Schmo and discussed Holland’s recent acts of heroism. The former UFC star suggested he has a conspiracy theory that Holland is paying people to commit crimes so he can be a vigilante.

“Part of me almost thinks, and this is my conspiracy theorist side, like, is he just paying people to act wild so he can be this vigilante? Because what [are the] chances? Listen, I have now lived for 37 years, Schmo.

“I have never witnessed a crime in action and then tracking someone down. I haven’t ever seen it happen. Now, he’s had like four [instances]. How is this possible?”

Holland has been stopping crimes in the Houston area for the past several months. Back in October, Holland chased away a potential car thief, who he held down until police arrived. He also stopped a gunman with a rear-naked choke this past March.

A few months later, Holland assisted an 18-wheel driver whose truck flipped and needed medical attention. This past week, just before his fight at UFC Austin, Holland helped a store manager retrieve some stolen perfume bottles from a shoplifter.

UFC President Dana White even recently said he has no problem with Holland continuing his acts of vigilantism, as long as he doesn’t get hurt in the process.

What do you make of Ben Askren and his conspiracy theory on Kevin Holland? Let us know in the comments section below!

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