Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Darren Till Defends Cormier Against Critics, But Jones “Still The GOAT”

UFC middleweight Darren Till has hit back at critics of Daniel Cormier and his commentary during UFC fights and events.

Cormier has come under fire over the past year for the way he commentates UFC fights. He’s been accused of favoring certain fighters while having disdain for others, which he has vehemently denied.

Cormier and bantamweight star Sean O’Malley have recently gone back-and-forth in the media over Cormier’s commentary. O’Malley has accused him of wanting the 135lb fighter to lose.

Cormier has been a UFC analyst and commentator beginning in the middle of his fighting career. He was a desk analyst and color commentator for Fox Sports when the UFC called the network their broadcasting home and has continued his work with the UFC on ESPN.

But Till doesn’t believe fighters should be worried about what the former two-division champion Cormier has to say during broadcasts.

In a recent thread of tweets, Till came to the defense of Cormier and gave his thoughts on fighters criticizing him for alleged bias.

“People need to understand that DC is now a commentator and analyst for mma,” Till said of Cormier. “He’s going to say things us fighters don’t like…he can’t just please us all and build us all up, for example when he was giving me and khamzat shit over being best buddies etc…Imagine me getting all sensitive and tweeting back to him like hey motherfucker I don’t like them words ur saying…

“Grow the fuck up everyone it’s his job. On a side note shut the fuck up DC you fat fuck. And Chael u better roast me on ur podcast harder than you’ve ever roasted anyone in ur life. On another side note as well let’s not forget that fat potato DC won 2 belts in 2 different categories, he’s an all time great and it’s some achievement. Jones is still the [GOAT] though…even after all the fuck ups and what not Jones can’t be touched, but neither can potato DC.”

Till will make his return to the Octagon later this year against Jack Hermansson at UFC London on July 23.

Cormier has been a mainstay on UFC broadcasts following his retirement in 2020. He has called both UFC pay-per-view and Fight Night events alongside the likes of Jon Anik and Joe Rogan.

Cormier has seemed unbothered by fighters criticizing him as he has responded on both his DC&RC show and YouTube channel. While the criticism of Cormier doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, Till thinks fighters should understand Cormier’s perspective rather than being quick to hit back.

What are your thoughts on Darren Till’s defense of Daniel Cormier?

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