Thursday, June 30, 2022

Erin Blanchfield Shares What She Learned From USADA Mix-Up

Erin Blanchfield has shared details of the “misunderstanding” with USADA that resulted in her receiving a public warning from the UFC’s anti-doping partner.

The 23-year-old recently spoke to the New York Post in the lead-up to her fight with JJ Aldrich on June 4. When asked about the warning she received from USADA for failing to get a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for a prescription skin cream, Blanchfield was candid about the mix-up.

“That was a little misunderstanding on my part,” Blanchfield said. “I went to a dermatologist because I was having some acne problems, and she prescribed me a cream. And I know that I’m supposed to, as a UFC fighter, you’re tested by USADA, and you’re supposed to look up everything or ask them anything you ingest or put on your skin, but I didn’t think anything of it because it’s just an acne cream.

“So I’ve used acne creams in the past, but this was a prescription one [spironolactone]. And the substance in it is technically an illegal diuretic, but I had a prescription from the doctor and I was just using it, like, topical for acne.”

(Jeff Botari/Zuffa LLC)

The issue was quickly resolved once Blanchfield explained the situation to USADA, and she was issued a TUE allowing her to use the cream. While it luckily won’t affect her upcoming fight on June 4, she was handed a public warning from USADA for failing to properly inform them of the prescription beforehand.

“It’s Definitely A Good Lesson”

At 23 years old, Blanchfield is one of the youngest fighters on the UFC roster. She’s already 2-0 in the organization, but she knows that this mix-up with USADA is a valuable lesson for the future.

“You should definitely look up anything you’re ingesting or putting on your skin, like every single thing. Let them know. Get any TUEs you need if it’s something really need. It’s definitely a good lesson. I’m thankful that [there are] no suspensions or anything.”

“Cold Blooded” made her pro MMA debut at 18-years old for Cage Fury FC in 2018. The flyweight fighter joined the UFC in 2021 and picked up unanimous decisions over Sarah Alpar and Miranda Maverick to bring her overall record to 8-1.

Blanchfield is set to face veteran JJ Aldrich at a UFC Fight Night headlined by heavyweights Alexander Volkov and Jairzinho Rozenstruik on June 4.

What do you think of Erin Blanchfield’s explanation for her misunderstanding with USADA?

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