Sunday, June 26, 2022

Glover Teixeira On UFC 275 Loss “It’s Hard To Swallow A Defeat Like That”

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Glover Teixeira is in the beginning stages of coming to terms with the jaws of defeat following UFC 275.

Teixeira looked on his way to victory in a back-and-forth battle against Jiří Procházka in the UFC 275 headliner last weekend. But he was caught in a rear-naked choke with 28 seconds left in the fight to relinquish his title.

After what has been dubbed by many as one of the greatest light heavyweight title fights in UFC history, many fans and pundits wouldn’t mind seeing Teixeira and Procházka run it back as soon as possible.

During a post-fight interview with Combate, Teixeira reflected on his performance and hinted at what he wants next.

“I’m a guy that I’m grateful for in life,” Teixeira said. “I’m grateful for everything I have, for everything I’ve done, I’m a guy that what comes to me I have to accept with joy and gratitude, but it’s hard to swallow a defeat like that. I wanted an immediate rematch. I am not injured, I have these cuts here, but in three weeks I will be ready to train, because I cut my foot and the doctor said that in three weeks I have to remove the stitches in my toes, but nothing is broken.

“I’m not feeling anything painful, just muscle. In three weeks, I will be training again. I wanted that immediate rematch. I think I deserve this rematch for what I put in there. He deserves this rematch because it was a victory that came out there “Pá”, who took it, but you saw that he wasn’t cool, he wasn’t so happy, he kept saying that his performance was not good, so let’s go. Yours wasn’t good, mine wasn’t either. Let’s go back now.

“We already know each other and the two have the same samurai mentality. And let’s go again, man, let’s get this out there ASAP. Dana White has to make this fight happen. It was one of the best fights in recent times and we will do it again. We’ll do it again, that’s what I want.”

Procházka seems content facing either Blachowicz or Teixeira for his first title defense. Meanwhile, UFC president Dana White hasn’t confirmed who will get the nod for a shot at the new champion Procházka.

If he were to earn the win at UFC 275, Teixeira promised Blachowicz the next shot at the belt after their clash at UFC 267. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, he feels an immediate rematch between himself and Procházka is the fight to make after their gritty war.

Do you want to see Glover Teixeira and Jiří Procházka run it back next?

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