Friday, October 7, 2022

Update: Tyson Fury Accepts Jake Paul’s Wager Request

Jake Paul and Tyson Fury have agreed to raise the stakes ahead of the upcoming boxing match between Paul and Tyson’s younger brother Tommy.

Earlier this week, the second attempt at a Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury match was made official, with the two young boxers set to compete in New York City this August.

One unique strategy that Paul has used to promote his fights is making bets in order to make things more interesting. Who could ever forget the tattoo bet made with Tyron Woodley that saw the former UFC champ have to brand himself with the YouTuber’s name after losing their first fight?

woodley jake paul tattoo
Tyron Woodley’s “I Love Jake Paul” Tattoo

This time, it isn’t the opponent Paul is looking to make a bet with, but rather his famous brother, Tyson Fury.

Saturday, Paul took to Twitter to share comments Fury made in an interview where he said he’d be willing to put $100,000 on Tommy to defeat Paul. While Tyson didn’t single out Paul as the person he’d bet with, Paul swiftly volunteered to wager against the Gypsy King.

In fact, he completely dismissed the $100,000 figure as a symbol of cowardice and has insisted on increasing the amount.

“So guys, Tyson Fury, who made $40 million last year is willing to bet $100,000 on his brother? Oh, my God we’re shaking. Hey, Tyson, you fuckin’ pussy, you made $40 million. I know it wasn’t as much as me, but let’s up the ante. Let’s bet a million on it, Tyson. $2 million, $3 million, however much you want to fuckin’ bet. Let’s do it. Are you down? Make a deal.”

Paul would then go on to state that Fury’s offer is an example of people on social media lacking the courage to take real chances and truly back up their words. He would even throw in a spontaneous footwork dance to further emphasize his own bravado while donning himself “a cold motherfucker.”

Tyson Fury Responds To Jake Paul

Before long, Tyson Fury would issue the following response to Paul, where he accepted to increase the wager amount to $1 million.

“This is a message for Jake Paul. Hey, Jakey boy! I hear you wanna bet a bigger bet than $100,000. You want a bigger bet, motherfucker? You want a million dollars? Let’s do it! Holla at your boy! You want a million? You got it!”

The Gypsy King would then deliver some parting words for his younger brother’s future foe.

“And hey, Jakey! I want to see this million dollars in escrow, sucka! Because I don’t think you’ve got a million dollars! And I ain’t talkin’ about crypto! I’m talking about real US greenbags, motherfucker!”

Jake Paul Makes The Bet Official

After viewing Fury’s response, Jake Paul confirmed the terms of the new $1 million bet and mocked Fury’s choice of video filter. You can view Paul’s follow-up video below.

The bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is scheduled for August 6 inside the historic Madison Square Garden.

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