Monday, August 8, 2022

Watch: Jiu-Jitsu Teacher Restrains Alleged Attacker Of 7-Eleven Employee

Kevin Holland isn’t the only martial artist unafraid to leap in and fight crime, as made evident by a jiu-jitsu teacher’s actions recently.

Jiu-jitsu instructor Idriz Redzovic stepped in to restrain an alleged attacker inside a 7-Eleven convenience store earlier last Thursday. The entire incident was recorded on Facebook Live.

Redzovic claims he noticed a confrontation between the suspect and a pair of females outside the 7-Eleven. After one of the females slammed windshield fluid onto his car, Redzovic called the police.

He says the male suspect then went inside the store and took a swing at an employee. It was at this point that Redzovic intervened to restrain the man later identified as Christopher Cruz, 30, until the police arrived to arrest him.

You can view the full, uncut video below (h/t Jiu-Jitsu Times)

News of this incident has made television news. For Redzovic, though, he hopes that this ordeal will serve as much more than another viral video and be a valuable lesson for others to follow.

“We live in the age of technology why not use it for good,” Redzovic said. “People can learn from this footage that violence is not the answer. Get proper training like I have and the world can be a better place. I never harmed the guy and wish him the best and hope he changes his life around for the better. Maybe seeing this video might be a wake up call for him.”

Earlier this year, we ran a story of retired MMA fighter and former law-enforcement officer Brett Titus who concurred with Redzovic’s belief that trained individuals have a unique ability, if not obligation, to intervene and put a halt to criminal acts.

“If you’re skilled enough and you have that confidence and you’ve trained it, you may be able to take that adversary, that suspect in custody without having to go to that lethal force level,” Titus said.

Cruz was indeed taken into custody and charged with the misdemeanors of battery and retail theft. He is set to appear in court on July 11.

You can view CBS Chicago’s coverage of the incident below.

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