Thursday, June 30, 2022

Kevin Holland Stops Alleged Perfume Thief Hours Before UFC Austin

UFC welterweight Kevin Holland seems to always be at the right place at the right time when it comes to stopping crime.

According to his manager, Oren Hodak of KO Reps, Holland and his team were at a local beverage store when they witnessed a pursuit taking place of an alleged perfume thief. Holland then left his team to chase down the perpetrator on a nearby street where he eventually retrieved the stolen items.

Watch Holland, and a witness to his heroics, speak about the incident in a video posted by MMA Junkie below.

“So we’re just sitting out here with nothing to do. We had got some water from a liquor and wine stop with (coach). Then we see some guy running down the street, so we opened up our cardio and chased a crack head,” Holland said in the video. “That’s how we did it. That’s what we did today.”

It’s uncertain if local police in Austin have identified and apprehended the suspect in the alleged theft.

Just weeks ago, Holland rescued the driver of an overturned 18-wheeler near his home. In March, he helped stop an active shooter inside a Houston-area sushi restaurant.

Holland will likely have more to say about the incident after he’s done competing in the UFC Austin co-main event this weekend.

What is your reaction to Kevin Holland’s latest heroics?

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