Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Khadijah Safari Runs Martial Arts Classes In London For Muslim Women

Martial artist Khadijah Safari is giving the women of the London area a place to train that is all their own.

Khadijah Safari of Milton Keynes is taking her passion for martial arts and giving women a place to train together. She is the owner of MK’s Safari Health Hub and Safari MMA, a women-only MMA gym that was created because of Safari’s own experiences.

Safari converted to Islam back in 2009. She was looking for a place to continue her combat sports journey but was not able to find a female-only gym, so she created her own.

Her goal in opening her own gym, which now has over 10 locations, is to provide self-defense classes and martial arts training to victims of domestic violence and those with certain religious beliefs. Having a place where women could go to train with other women and gain knowledge and confidence was lacking in the London area ten years ago. That is when Safari decided to take all her savings and create a place just like that.

“Women from all different backgrounds, cultures and socio-economic groups came together. Labels were left at the door and for once true equality was seen,” a spokesperson for the gym told MKCitizen.

The gym now holds women of all different backgrounds and occupations training together. Even during the lockdowns of COVID-19, Safari made it possible for her members to train through online classes. She even works together with local mental health agencies to provide programs for women and children in need.

Recently, Safari was awarded the British Empire Medal for her efforts to make these women-friendly combat sports spaces. She also received a medal from the Lord-Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire.

Do you wish there were more places like this gym for women to train together where you live?

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