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Man Jailed For Breaking Into Scottish MMA Venue While Drunk

A man in the Scottish town of Alloa has been jailed for breaking into a local venue known to regularly host MMA events.

According to the report from the Alloa Advertiser, the incident occurred on September 4, 2021, at around 4:30pm.

Employees at the Alloa Town Hall heard “a loud bang” in the venue’s main auditorium and went to investigate. The town hall was closed at the time, and upon investigating the disturbance an employee encountered 33-year-old James Crossley.

After being discovered by the town hall staff member, Crossley told them “I want to be a cage fighter. Is this where I do the cage fighting?”

When asked how he had managed to get inside the closed venue, the 33-year-old claimed to have found an open door and subsequently entered the premises. This seemed unlikely to the town hall staff given that a fire escape window in the main hall had clearly been smashed and there was a brick lying close to the window.

The police were called, and Crossley was escorted out of the building. A later check of the CCTV footage showed Crossley hitting the fire escape window before smashing it with a brick after several throws.

Speaking on behalf of the town hall employees at the hearing, prosecutor Catherine Fraser stated: “The member of staff observed the accused to be under the influence of alcohol, and he had a fresh injury to his hand, which was bleeding.”

In January, Crossley submitted a guilty plea via video sentencing for breaking in, with intent, while on bail. While Sheriff Neil Bowie stated it was “a significant aggravation” that the crime was committed while Crossley was on bail, details of his previous offense were not given.

The report states that the Alloa Town Hall regularly hosts events for Ultra MMA. Crossley has received five months in jail for his actions.

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