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Masvidal Open To Meeting Pereira “In The Street”, Not In The Octagon

UFC star Jorge Masvidal has further addressed his newfound rivalry with rising welterweight Michel Pereira, claiming he’d be down to talk to the Brazilian “in the street.”

The back and forth between ranked contenders Masvidal and Pereira began in the immediate aftermath of the latter’s co-main event victory over Santiago Ponzinibbio at UFC Vegas 55. Following the result, Pereira accused Masvidal of messaging his wife.

Not one to be accused of homewrecking, “Gamebred” was quick to collect the receipts, showing that Pereira’s wife actually messaged him on Instagram.

While the Brazilian’s partner, Gina Amir Atelier, attempted to clear the air in a statement, Pereira recently turned the attention back to a desired fight with Masvidal during an interview with the Olhar da Luta YouTube channel.

“He’s on a three-fight skid and doesn’t want to fight me? What is he, scared? Or maybe it’s about money. All those guys think about is money,” claimed Pereira.

While Masvidal would dispute the first query, it seems that Pereira was right about one thing: he doesn’t offer the lucrative matchup Masvidal is after.

Masvidal Tells Pereira: “You’re Literally Nobody”

During his Wednesday appearance on The MMA Hour, Masvidal addressed his latest UFC feud, questioning whether Pereira’s wife’s messages were a deliberate ploy to lay the foundation for a future matchup.

While the storyline has certainly been created, the Miami native said that the #14-ranked contender is missing a number of elements required to be an appropriate opponent, namely drawing power and a high placement on the welterweight ladder.

“How do you put your wife out there like that? And then you see what happened,” said Masvidal. “I don’t know if he told her, ‘Hey, hit this guy up ’cause this is how I’m gonna make this big narrative and we’re gonna get into a fight.’

“If he wants to scrap, when I see his b*tch-ass I’ll scrap him, but as far as like, getting money, or him being a ranked guy, or somebody that I care to fight, nah, he doesn’t fit any of those categories,” added Masvidal. “He has to make up this fictitious story about me wanting his chick. I don’t even remember what she looks like.”

With that in mind, Masvidal has no desire to share the Octagon with Pereira but is happy to sort things on the streets. Given his ongoing legal case following a meeting on the Miami streets with Colby Covington earlier this year, perhaps that wouldn’t be the best idea…

“I wish them nothing but happiness in their, whatever they call it together. But as far as me and this f*cker goes, if he sees me in the street, then we can talk about it,” said Masvidal. “But in the cage? Bro, you’re literally nobody.

“You’ve got time to put in, wins to do. Maybe you should try out for Olympic diving or something, because that’s the type of sh*t you’re doing. You’re not really fighting, you’re making a circus show out of it. This guy doesn’t entertain me in any way,” concluded Masvidal.

While Pereira’s unique and eccentric fighting style has undoubtedly entertained some, Masvidal is clearly not onboard with it. However, the Brazilian has notably toned down the acrobatics in recent times as he’s edged closer to the top of the division.

Should he collect a few more triumphs and ascend towards the #8-ranked Masvidal, perhaps the ‘BMF’ titleholder will be more open to throwing down with “Demolidor” inside the cage.

Would you like to see Jorge Masvidal and Michel Pereira settle their score inside the Octagon down the line?

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