Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Melissa Dixon Hopes ‘Open Mat’ Event Will Help Grow WMMA In The UK

Melissa Dixon of Coventry, England is doing her part to include more women in MMA in the UK.

Women’s MMA is growing all over the world. In the last ten years, women’s MMA has made leaps forward and there is no slowing down. From Ronda Rousey becoming the first female champion in the UFC to people like Melissa Dixon hosting the first-ever female-only open matt MMA event in her city of Coventry, the possibilities seem endless.

Dixon is the first female MMA champion to hail from her hometown, but if it is up to her, she will not be the last. She is looking to help get more women interested in MMA by setting up this women-only competition at her gym. She trains Lion’s Gym under the tutelage of James Dixon. Along with Lion’s Gym owner Raj Charl, Dixon is putting together this unique event.

“I hope that the MMA open mat on the 19th June encourages more females to try MMA and we really start to see the sport grow in the UK,” Dixon told the Coventry Observer.

The event will be open to beginners with an interest in learning mixed martial arts and competing.

Dixon began training in MMA in 2016 and turned pro this year. She is a BJJ brown belt, the first in the city, who recently won the bantamweight championship for Golden Ticket Fight Promotions.

The event will run on June 19, and anyone interested in participating can contact Dixon @no_mess_mullins on Instagram to register.

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