Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Mitchell Extends Government Conspiracy To Uvalde School Shooting

UFC featherweight contender Bryce Mitchell has once again suggested that the United States government played a role in a mass shooting.

On May 24, 19 students and two teachers were shot dead by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos inside the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. The massacre represented the third deadliest school shooting in the US, and the 27th fatal incident at an education facility in 2022 so far.

The tragic killing spree has one again brought the debate surrounding gun control to the surface, something Mitchell, the current #9-ranked 145lber in the UFC, has never been shy to speak his mind on.

During a recent interview with Brendan Schaub, the Arkansas native discussed the Uvalde shooting and, like many, pointed fingers at the approach from Texas law enforcement, who have been heavily criticized for not entering the school quicker.

“The police officers sit outside for about an hour, and they’re saying, ‘Oh, well, we don’t know if (we) wanna enter because of this, we don’t have enough armor, we don’t have enough…’ Those kids don’t have any armor?” Mitchell said. “Those officers, when they swear into office, it’s their duty to go in there and die for those kids on the spot.

“That’s their job. Their job was to go into that school that day and die or kill that guy that was killing everybody. There should have been zero hesitation, zero,” added Mitchell.

But while some have pointed towards incompetence or other factors behind the decision not to rapidly enter the school, Mitchell extended a previous conspiracy theory that he publicly aired on The MMA Hour earlier this year.

Having suggested that the 2017 Las Vegas shooting was an inside job staged by the government in order to create an excuse to implement gun control, Mitchell claimed the same motive was used to order Texas police to “stand down” and allow the Uvalde school shooting to continue.

“The government is getting involved in some of these shootings. In this one, I believe that they ordered them (police) to stand down,” said Mitchell. “I believe they were ordered to stand down, sit outside that school, while innocents were shot, so that they could have a narrative to come and take AR-15s, specifically. I’ll say it again… I will die before I hand over that gun.”

While Mitchell’s talents inside the Octagon have been undeniable since he debuted in the UFC, his words outside the cage have caused controversy and left a lot to be desired in the eyes of many mixed martial arts fans.

It stands to reason that his latest take will have the same divisive effect.

What do you make of Bryce Mitchell’s comments on the Uvalde school shooting?

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