Saturday, July 2, 2022

Motorcyclist Claiming To Be MMA Fighter Injures Police Officer In England

A motorcyclist who also claimed to be an MMA fighter recently injured a police officer in England after crashing his motorcycle.

The report from the English newspaper The Shields Gazette identified the man as 30-year-old Ralph Oliver. The incident occurred early on May 16 on the A19, which is a major road in England.

An off-duty police officer noticed Oliver had crashed into a barrier and approached him to help. Oliver apparently identified himself as an MMA fighter and become “threatening” once the officer got close to him.

The officer had already called for assistance prior to approaching Oliver, and when additional police arrived the 30-year-old became combative. The self-identified MMA fighter ended up fracturing the finger of one of the officers in the ensuing scuffle.

According to the report from The Shields Gazette, Judge Christopher Prince of Newcastle Crown Court outlined the severity of the situation.

“You continued to be extremely threatening, even after being handcuffed,” the judge told Oliver. “It is described by one officer at the scene as one of the most frightening incidents he has encountered in 13 years as a police officer. He suffered a fracture to his finger, which was extremely painful. The whole incident was frightening, not least because it took place on the outer line of the A19.”

Oliver pled guilty to charges that included assault of an emergency worker and resisting arrest. He was sentenced to 18 months of community service, as well as 100 hours unpaid work and a year-long road ban.

Though Oliver identified himself as an MMA fighter before his altercation with the police, the report from the English newspaper made no mention of any follow-up research to verify this claim. While it’s possible that Oliver trains in his free time, there is no record available of him having competed in any pro or amateur MMA bouts.

What’s your reaction to this story from England about a supposed MMA fighter injuring a police officer?

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