Sunday, June 26, 2022

O’Malley Reveals Lucrative Ambitions After Signing New UFC Deal

Rising UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley has revealed the ballpark that he’s aiming at when it comes to fight purses, having recently signed a new deal with the MMA leader.

Through both his Octagon presence and his activity outside the cage, whether on social media or streaming on the Twitch platform, O’Malley has quickly established himself as prominent member of the UFC roster, and perhaps the one with the best chance of reaching stardom.

While his self-marketing has enhanced that, it wouldn’t be possible without genuine MMA talent, something that O’Malley certainly possesses. He put that on full display in 2021, earning three performance bonuses in three appearances, all of which ended in “Sugar” having his hand raised following finishes.

Having risen into the rankings following his first-round knockout of Raulian Paiva last December, O’Malley earned a new deal with the UFC ahead of his push towards the top 10 and title contention.

During a recent appearance on ESPN MMA’s DC & RC show, O’Malley discussed the conversations that went down with the UFC brass during negotiations.

While many have gone on the offense when it comes to a desire for more pay, O’Malley took a different approach, asking the promotion what he needs to do to reach his financial goals. That lucrative target? $1 million per fight.

“I actually recently sat down with the UFC, re-signed with them,” said O’Malley. “And I had a great conversation with Sean Shelby. I go in there and I say, ‘Hey, I wanna make this amount of money. How do I do that? What do I need to do as a business partner to the UFC to end up making the amount of money I wanna make.’

“For me, I wanna get to point where I’m making a million dollars a fight. Obviously I’m not there right now and that’s not what I’m expecting to make against Pedro (Munhoz). But that’s where my mind’s at,” added O’Malley. (h/t Sportskeeda MMA)

The road to reaching that figure will next need to go through the #10-ranked Munhoz, whom O’Malley is set to share the Octagon with at UFC 276 next month.

Should he emerge victorious, not only will “Sugar” have moved one step closer to the bantamweight gold, but he’d have further legitimized his potential with the addition of a perennial contender to his blossoming résumé.

“I think ‘Prelim Pedro’ is a great next step,” said O’Malley. “He’s never been finished. I’m definitely looking to go in there put his lights out.”

What do you make of Sean O’Malley’s financial ambitions in the UFC?

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