Saturday, July 2, 2022

Paulo Costa To Take Legal Action Against Nurse If She Doesn’t Apologize

Paulo Costa has taken to social media to once again proclaim his innocence in regard to recent allegations of elbowing a nurse.

Last week UFC middleweight Paulo Costa was arrested in Brazil after allegedly elbowing a nurse in the face in a hospital. The reports of the situation say that Costa went to a health facility to obtain a vaccination card and was trying to leave with a card and not actually getting the vaccination. The nurse was reportedly trying to stop him from leaving when the supposed act of violence was committed.

Now, Costa is coming to his own defense and avowing his innocence. He posted his explanation on social media.

“A false accusation of physical aggression was leveled against me and I will show for you guys the facts, the proofs and you guys will know what I’m talking about,” Costa said via “I’m being accused of elbowing a women who is supposed to be a nurse on her face. I’m a professional MMA artist and you can imagine the damage my elbow may cause on an unprotected woman’s face? Something terrible to even imagine that. But I’m here to say to everyone that never happened and I will show you guys why. I have proof of that.”

Following reports of the arrest Costa and his team immediately denied the claims. They are proclaiming that his act did not happen at all and now Costa is looking for a public apology from his supposed victim.

“Any form of violence against women is unacceptable. As a result of misleading imputations simply serve to discredit and hide the actual battle against women’s violence. We know this kind of false allegation is very serious. So I really hope this woman decides to make her public apologies or else legal actions may be necessary, unfortunately.”

Costa is scheduled to make his next appearance in the UFC Octagon on August 20, at UFC 278 when he takes on Luke Rockhold.

Do you believe Paulo Costa is guilty of elbowing the nurse in question?

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