Sunday, June 26, 2022

Police Open Investigation Following Viral Video Of MMA Fighter

Russian MMA fighter Sharaputdin Magomedov is currently under investigation by Dagestani authorities following a viral video of an altercation he had with another man in a mall.

While the video has only recently been posted online, Magomedov and authorities have both confirmed that the incident happened in March and is not a recent occurrence.

The video from a shopping mall security camera shows Magomedov standing on an escalator behind a couple. The 28-year-old can be seen stepping forward after the couple share a kiss, and the two men promptly square off once the escalator reaches the ground. The other individual involved throws a punch before the two start grappling and several mall patrons intervene to break them up.

Further footage from a camera watching the door to the mall shows Magomedov apparently waiting for the other individual exit. The Russian MMA fighter waits for the victim to come around the corner before dropping him with a right hand and stomping on his head.

Magomedov has stated that the disagreement began because he felt that the couple’s behavior was not appropriate for a public space. The 28-year-old also claimed that he and the victim spoke after the altercation and reached an understanding on the matter.

According to the report from, the actions of both men qualified as a “violation of public order” under the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. A public message from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan provided further clarification.

“Who and for what purpose three months later distributed the video if both sides came to reconciliation and had no mutual claims? On this face, an administrative offense case has been initiated, within the framework of which a legal assessment of the actions of both defendants will be given.”

“Bullet” began his MMA career in 2017 as a welterweight before moving to middleweight and most recently light heavyweight. He holds an undefeated record of 10-0 and has mostly competed for promotions in China and Russia.

Magomedov last fought in Brazil at Arena Global 17 earlier this year and earned a first-round stoppage, which was the ninth finish of his career.

What’s your reaction to this video of Sharaputdin Magomedov and the investigation that’s been opened?

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