Thursday, July 7, 2022

Procházka Reveals What He Said To Teixeira When Ground-And-Pounded

New UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jiří Procházka had words with Glover Teixeira, even while he was stuck in a vulnerable position.

The UFC 275 main event will go down as one of the greatest fights of all time and is without question on the shortlist of Fight of the Year frontrunners.

One of the reasons the fight was such an instant classic is because there was action from various positions, including on the mat. Going into the fight, the prevailing stylistic narrative was that it would be a grappler versus striker bout.

Though Procházka was able to ultimately cancel that narrative by picking up a stunning submission victory over Teixeira, the Brazilian was able to get off some effective ground-and-pound during the fight, at which point Procházka wanted to send a message to his opponent.

“Yeah, I talked with him,” Procházka revealed during the UFC 275 post-fight press conference. ” I said (to) him: ‘Very nice, very nice. But still nothing.’ I wanted to show him his ground and pound, he have no power to end me in that. But he have power enough to open me. [LAUGHS]

“That was very bad. That was very bad, and it was right after I started to smile (at) him. I started to smile, and then he opened my eyebrow. And I said (to) myself, ‘OK, it’s not time for fun anymore.’”

The fun and the talking are only just beginning for the Czech Republic, however, after now having its first UFC champion notched in the history books. There’s no doubt that Procházka will be all the rave nationwide after his monumental victory in the UFC 275 main event.

MMA News will keep you posted on what’s next for the new light heavyweight champion, so be sure to keep it locked right here for the latest updates!

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