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Watch: Men Discuss Roe vs. Wade “MMA Fight” In Kimmel Segment

On the latest edition of the Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment “Lie Witness News” men on the street were asked for their thoughts on the recent “big MMA heavyweight fight” Roe vs. Wade.

Roe v. Wade has recently returned to the public eye, as the U.S Supreme Court appear poised to overturn their 1973 ruling in the landmark case concerning abortion rights. In the video segment, one of the men is asked if they were surprised to see “Roe and Wade” still going at it years later.

“No, like, people hold grudges,” the man replied confidently.

The Picks

Dubbed “The Ruckus in the Uteruckus”, some men were asked which combatant they favored. Opinions seemed largely in favor of Wade, citing traits like his “attitude” and “determination”.

“Go for Wade, definitely. Doesn’t care about if he’s gonna get knocked out, just goes in there. He’s ruthless,” one passerby remarked.

The Fight

All of the men evidently enjoyed the fictional MMA bout, prompting the interviewer to ask one man when exactly the fight became “viable” in his eyes.

“The first round, it’s always viable. That’s when punches are thrown, that’s when you realize it’s real.”

There did seem to be some confusion on the fight’s outcome, with one man claiming Wade “got it right in the kisser” while another was asked how his uncle reacted to Wade’s victory.

“He had to pull it up on YouTube for me. ‘Cause I wasn’t even in the house at the time. I come back and he’s all like – I come in the door and he looks at me and he’s like ‘You shoulda seen it’,” he replied excitedly.

It’s unclear at this time if that man’s uncle also pulled up this particular video segment on YouTube for him.

The Decision

Fight fans love a judging controversy, and one man was asked to weigh-in on the notion that judges for the fight were “out of touch” and shouldn’t be relied on to decide such a high-profile contest.

“I think the judges are kind of out of touch. If you’ve never been in a fight in your life, then you can’t really determine what’s going on in a fight.”

If there’s one thing fighters and fight fans know all too well, it’s that you should never leave a result in the hands of the judges.

You can view the full “Lie Witness News” segment below!

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