Thursday, June 23, 2022

Russian MMA Fighter Uses Duct Tape To Cover Nazi Tattoo

A Russian MMA fighter recently had to cover up his tattoo of a Nazi-affiliated symbol prior to the start of a fight.

According to the report from UK news outlet The Daily Mirror, middleweights Ivan Strelnikov and Kenan Guliyev were set to fight at the finale of Hardcore MMA Season 1. A bit of maintenance was required before the bout could begin, as Strelnikov’s team used duct tape to cover up a “wolfsangel” tattoo on his midsection at the request of the promotion.

The impromptu effort to cover the tattoo didn’t last very long. The tape was quickly loosened once Strelnikov started sweating, and a body shot from Guliyev revealed the ink again just seconds into the fight.

While the origins of the “wolfsangel” date back hundreds of years in Germany, the symbol was adopted by various Nazi groups during World War 2. Germany has subsequently banned the display of the symbol due to its negative associations.

The Russian middleweight has several tattoos, including one on his shoulder that also appeared to be covered for the fight. The 30-year-old has “Born to be White” written on his stomach just below where his team applied duct tape, but the promotion apparently didn’t request for that tattoo to be covered.

Strelnikov’s Azerbaijani opponent Guliyev ended up winning their fight via unanimous decision. The Russian fighter used a flag to cover his shoulder and the previously taped tattoo on his midsection while the decision was read.

The 30-year-old began his pro MMA career in 2017 and won his first 4 bouts before losing in September 2021. Strelnikov started 2022 with a win, but this loss to Guliyev puts him on a two-fight skid after a loss to Oleg Dadanov in March.

This isn’t the first time Nazi-affiliated tattoos have made MMA headlines in recent years. UFC fighter Andrea Lee attracted attention in 2018 when it was revealed that her now ex-husband and former coach Donny Aaron had a pair of Nazi tattoos on his arm.

What’s your reaction to this story about a Russia MMA fighter covering up a Nazi tattoo in order to fight?

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