Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sean Strickland Responds to Mike Perry’s ‘Racist Mother F*cker’ Comment

Sean Strickland has responded to Mike Perry calling him a “racist mother f*cker.”

Perry recently took to social media and hit out at Strickland, who he labelled a racist, taunting him about a potential clash in his native Florida.

“Sean you racist mother f**ker. You coming to Florida to put hands on me? Its Sunday bro! The lord is resting.

“But this week I’m down for you to try and I’m going to put these hands on you. Let’s go Sean Strickland. Let’s go! Is that even your name? I don’t know.

“You might be Sean Sherk or one of these other UFC guys, you Nazi!”

Perry’s “Nazi” remarks may be in reference to Strickland opening up about his neo-Nazi childhood due to influences from his family. Strickland has since stated that he has matured and went on to resent this part of his past.

Strickland then responded by posting a video on his Instagram page, captioning it with the following.

“Lmao!!!! I gotta lot of people to punch but this man is on the top of the list!!! Guy cracks me up.”

However, Perry seemed to have walked back his initial comments since, posting a comment on Strickland’s post suggesting he was drinking when he initially called Strickland a racist.

“Ahh man I was drinking but I’m looking forward to the rounds.” Perry said.

Strickland is currently preparing for a middleweight clash with Alex Pereira at UFC 276 on July 2. He’s currently ranked the No. 4 fighter at 185 pounds and is riding an impressive six-fight win streak.

As for Perry, since departing the UFC on a two-fight losing skid, he’s embarked on a new career in Bare-Knuckle Boxing with BKFC. He holds a 1-0 record in the BKFC ring with a unanimous decision win in February, and is expected to make his return soon.

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