Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Aljamain Sterling Hits Out At John McCarthy For Usman vs. Diaz Take

Aljamain Sterling has hit out at John McCarthy for his take on a potential Kamaru Usman vs. Nick Diaz fight.

McCarthy recently took to his podcast with Josh Thomson, ‘Weighing In,’ to offer his take on what he’d like to see next regarding a potential fight for Nick Diaz. Diaz himself has said he wants to compete for the title at this point in his career.

That would mean a clash with current reigning champion Kamaru Usman. McCarthy suggested that Diaz’s best avenue to victory in that fight would be standing with Usman; however, “The Nigerian Nightmare” likely wouldn’t keep the fight on the feet for long.

“Kamaru would stand with him until he starts getting lit up. Then he’s going to go and use his wrestling, which he should, I’m not saying he shouldn’t…

“I don’t think that Kamaru would be standing up against Nick that long.”

This prompted a response from the UFC bantamweight champion, Sterling, who took to Instagram to react to McCarthy’s news with a video.

“Tweeting to an article about McCarthy saying that Kamaru Usman would get lit up by Nick Diaz and resort to wrestling.

“I didn’t read the whole thing but that’s enough for me to go ‘bro, in what freaking universe are you living in?’

“We are talking about two different eras right here. No way this can happen. John McCarthy must be stopped.”

Sterling then followed up with a Tweet hitting out against McCarthy’s take as well.

“Can someone please stop this man? How are ppl still taking this man’s words serious? I wonder if he’s the one taking all the shots to the head

“Lol bruh, Diaz is a G, but this is a new era. I’m starting to feel like he doesn’t even watch the fights”

This isn’t the first time Sterling and McCarthy have been at odds. McCarthy was one of the most skeptical of Sterling’s controversial UFC 259 injury that led to his bantamweight title win.

More recently, Sterling blasted McCarthy for stating that Yan was the rightful winner of the UFC 273 rematch, but McCarthy has since walked back those comments.

What do you make of Aljamain Sterling hitting out at McCarthy for his take on a potential Usman vs. Diaz fight? Sound off in the comments below!

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