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Strickland: Jones Is The Greatest Of All Time, But He Chokes Women

While UFC middleweight Sean Strickland recently acknowledged Jon Jones‘ fighting talents and place in the GOAT debate, he didn’t forget to make note of the former champion’s ‘non-consensual choking’.

Strickland has gone back and forth with UFC veteran Luke Rockhold about a number of things since their scheduled fight last November, from potential public scraps to accusations of supporting pedophiles. The latest topic that they disagree on is the discussion surrounding who holds the title of the greatest of all time in mixed martial arts.

During a recent interview with Helen Yee, Strickland was asked whether he agrees with Rockhold’s take. The former 185-pound titleholder suggested that his American Kickboxing Academy teammate Khabib Nurmagomedov is the closest to the throne.

Strickland responded by mentioning former light heavyweight king Jones, who is unbeaten in 28 fights aside from a disqualification loss and boasts the joint-most successful title defenses in UFC history.

Jon Jones
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But while “Tarzan” credited Jones for his fighting skills, he unsurprisingly had some words about the 34-year-old’s antics outside the cage. As well as mentioning Jones’ past drug suspensions, which he believes should have led to a life-ban, Strickland also brought up assault allegations directed the Rochester native’s way.

“You know what, here’s the thing about Jon Jones: he hits women. The guy likes to do a lot of cocaine, likes to have a good time. I respect the good time part, not the hitting women. You know, he did get popped for steroids, which I think should erase — I think they should ban you for life. But Jon Jones, to me, is probably one of the greatest fighters of all time, besides the fact he likes to, you know, choke women.”

While Strickland is partial to some consensual choking, he noted that there’s a distinct difference between his exploits in that regard and Jones’.

“I mean, I like to choke women too, but it’s more consensual, we agree to it, they’re into it, they’re the ones telling me, ‘Harder.’ But he’s more of a non-consensual type.”

Jones latest run-in with the law saw him arrested for misdemeanor battery domestic violence following 2021’s Hall of Fame ceremony. In disturbing details, a released police call revealed that Jones’ then-partner was left bleeding from her nose and mouth.

In another notable incident involving a female in 2019, Jones’ was alleged to have slapped a waitress at an Albuquerque strip club, and later put her in a choke hold, for which he was reportedly charged with battery.

In the eyes of many, Jones’ frequent interactions with the police and widely-criticized actions outside the cage put a damper on his claim to GOAT status.

What do you make of Sean Strickland’s comments?

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