Sunday, August 7, 2022

Strickland Wary Of Being “Gina Carano’d” Ahead Of UFC 276

Sean Strickland may be prepared to fight at UFC 276, but he’s far less confident about handling his pre-fight media obligations.

“Tarzan” is set to take on Alex Pereira on the main card of UFC 276. A victory for Strickland would be his seventh in a row and potentially set him up to fight the winner of the night’s main event between Israel Adesanya and Jared Cannonier.

For all his success in the cage, Strickland has arguably attracted more attention for his outspoken personality outside of fighting. The 31-year-old has never been shy about speaking his mind, and he recently shared some “bad news” via Instagram.

“I’ve got some bad fucking news. The UFC wants me as part of the press conference. And I’m a little fucking scared, and I’ll tell you why I’m scared. Because I’m not talking to you social degenerates on Instagram, I’m talking to the overlords. ESPN, fucking Walt Disney man. You know, and if I fuck up and if I say something wrong, I’m gonna get fucking Gina Carano’d. And I don’t want that. So I really need to sit there, and just shut the fuck up. I might even bring headphones, and just like – loud music the whole time. So, I’m a little nervous you guys. I need to do the right thing and just shut the fuck up.”

Strickland’s reference to Gina Carano has to do with the women’s MMA pioneer getting “cancelled” for comments she made last year. Carano established a successful acting career in her post-fighting life and had a prominent role on Disney’s Star Wars property The Mandalorian, but was removed from the show for her controversial statements.

In addition to owning Star Wars, Disney also owns ESPN and by extension has a fairly significant investment in the UFC. Strickland has already been suspended from Twitter for some abrasive comments he made in May, so perhaps his concerns about managing himself at the UFC 276 press conference aren’t entirely unfounded.

The pay-per-view event’s main card has already lost Miesha Tate vs. Lauren Murphy, so hopefully “Tarzan” can handle his press conference appearance and make it to the cage on Saturday.

What do you make of Sean Strickland’s concerns that he might get “Gina Carano’d” at the UFC 276 press-conference?

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