Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Timothy Bradley Apologizes for Comments on Boxer’s Tragic Passing

Timothy Bradley has apologized for his comments about the recent passing of boxer Simiso Buthelezi.

As we mentioned last week, boxer Simiso Buthelezi passed away at just 24-years-old after a bizarre incident inside the ring. Buthelezi actually knocked his opponent down inside of the ring, before the referee allowed him to get up.

However, as soon as the referee signaled for the action to resume, Buthelezi walked into an empty corner and began throwing punches into mid-air. Knowing something was obviously wrong, the referee immediately waved off the fight.

It was announced soon after that Buthelezi sadly passed away. During Saturday’s broadcast of Top Rank on ESPN, boxer Roamer Alexis Angulo had twice gone to a neutral corner in between rounds, instead of his own.

Commentators Joe Tessitore and Timothy Bradley made note of this during the broadcast. Bradley noted that “I’ve seen worse,” detailing the video of Buthelezi, however, seemingly unaware he had later passed.

“I’ve seen worse. There’s a video circulating right now where a guy actually knocked another guy out of the ring,” Bradley said (via Bloody Elbow). “He got back in the ring and the other guy actually started boxing a ghost in the corner.”

Tessitore then laughed, to which Bradley commented, “I’m serious. He was boxing somebody in the corner when the ref said ‘box.’ I’m telling you.”

Later during the broadcast, both Bradley and Tessitore apologized for their comments after being made aware of Buthelezi’s passing.

“I want to take the time out right now and apologize for that last statement that I made about that guy that was actually punching someone in the corner. He actually passed away a few days ago. I had no clue that he passed away, and I just want to give my utmost apologies to his family and to his loved ones,” Bradley said.

“I was unaware of the video you were referencing,” Tessitore responded. “I know you were just telling the story, but there was the news this week that Simiso Buthelezi passed away in South Africa after a fight. Obviously our thoughts, as is always the case with this sport, are very aware of the dangers that can come from it — the risks that all fighters take. Timmy we appreciate you apologizing.

What do you make of Timothy Bradley and Joe Tessitore’s slip up during the broadcast? Let us know in the comments below!

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