Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tyson Fury Calls For Ngannou Fight This Year At Wembley Stadium

Recently retired heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury wants a boxing match against Francis Ngannou at Wembley Stadium.

Fury left professional boxing following his win over Dillian Whyte earlier this year. Just minutes after his win, the promoting of a fight with Ngannou began almost immediately.

Fury and Ngannou have been linked to a potential crossover fight for months. Ngannou is currently recovering from knee surgery but could be ready to compete as soon as December, despite hinting at a 2023 return.

But Fury believes that he can lure Ngannou out earlier than that and book the fight at the famous Wembley Stadium in London. In a recent tweet, he made his pitch.

“Thought you wanted some smoke [Francis Ngannou],” Fury tweeted. “Let’s do a propper fight! Wembley Stadium 2022.”

Ngannou quickly replied to Fury’s proposition.

“Don’t you dare think that I take my eyes out of you,” Ngannou said. “You’re still my priority! I’m coming for all the smoke. 2023.”

Fury, as he often does, got the last word in the exchanges.

“Bring it on big boy,” Fury replied. “You wouldn’t last a round me muscles [Francis Ngannou].”

Fury’s win over Whyte took place at Wembley Stadium and he’s proven he can make a booking happen there. But an obstacle could be Ngannou’s current contract status with the UFC, with the two sides being at odds for almost a full year.

Ngannou has wanted a restructuring of his current UFC deal for a while and has expressed a desire to have the Fury fight as a part of the contract. Boxing promoter Bob Arum has expressed interest in promoting the fight without the help of the UFC.

If Fury vs. Ngannou comes to fruition, it appears that it’ll likely take place in a massive setting for one of the biggest crossover fights in history.

Do you think we’ll see Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou this year?

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