Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Valentina Shevchenko Open To Acting Career Between Fights

Valentina Shevchenko is looking to continue her acting career.

Fresh off her UFC 275 championship victory, Shevchenko might be looking to stay busy, but not necessarily inside the Octagon. The bout against Taila Santos was the ninth win in a row for Shevchenko and the seventh defense of her flyweight belt.

Shevchenko has been on top of the flyweight division for the past three years but is now looking to continue her foray into acting.

“I would love to. Yes, it was an amazing experience to work with Halle Berry. She’s an amazing person, amazing actress, amazing director. And I definitely would love to continue this path all my life,” Shevchenko said in her post-fight interview.

“And I don’t (think) it’s challenging to do it at the same time (between fights). I think it’s completely doable. And I’m willing to do that, and I know that it’s (not) going to be any distraction for my fights. And I know I have to come back and maybe ask Halle to do Bruised 2,” Shevchenko continued with a laugh. “I think she would love to do that.”

In 2020 Shevchenko was featured in the Netflix movie Bruised starring Halley Barry. She played the character called Lucia “Lady Killer” Chavez opposite Barry. The MMA community well accepted the film and Shevchenko received some praise for her role. She has now won three fights since filming proving that the time on set didn’t slow her down.

Shevchenko would not be the first UFC fighter to make the jump to acting, in fact far from it. Others who have made the crossover include, Ronda Rousey, Michael Bisping, and Georges St-Pierre. The difference might be that these fighters are all retired from the UFC, and Shevchenko is looking to juggle both careers at the same time.

Do you think Valentina Shevchenko could have a successful acting career?

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