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Archives: Shevchenko Comments On Being In Peru Shootout (2016)

Tonight, Valentina Shevchenko will look to continue her reign of terror over her flyweight peers when she takes on Taila Santos in the co-main event of UFC 275. Win or lose, days like today are opportunities to appreciate the presence of a fighter of Shevchenko’s caliber in our great sport.

But what if I told you that long before Shevchenko became a champion and just two fights into her UFC career, it was she who could have been on the wrong side of the “bullet” as opposed to her 10 victims who she would later put to rest?

That is our tale on this installment of the MMA News Archives.

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As noted, Valentina Shevchenko will be competing tonight in the co-main event of UFC 275 when she faces Taila Santos. Widely regarded as the most dominant champion in the UFC today, Shevchenko expects to continue her uncompromising rule over the flyweight division by adding Santos’ name to her aforementioned victims list.

The story below was written at a time was Shevchenko was 12-2 in her pro career, 1-1 in the UFC. We’ve included excerpts of the parent story that documented the initial shootout report and joined them with the story of Shevchenko commenting on the frightening incident.

Now, you can go back in time and revisit what transpired with a whole new appreciation for Shevchenko before her greatness is again put on display tonight in front of a global audience.


Headline: Valentina Shevchenko Comments On Being Caught In The Middle Of A Shootout In Peru

Author: Matt Boone

As noted, Holly Holm’s next opponent, Valentina Shevchenko, was recently present during an armed robbery in Peru that resulted in her trainer being shot.

Pavel Fedotov, trainer of UFC fighter Valentina Shevchenko, who is scheduled to be Holly Holm’s next opponent at the UFC On FOX 20 event in Chicago, Illinois in July, was shot and taken to the emergency room after a shootout at a restaurant in the Chorrilos district of Lima, Peru. Shevchenko was also there at the time of the shooting.

Three armed robbers allegedly entered the restaurant on Sunday evening, stealing approximately $1,486 from the cash register, as well as cellphones, wallets and other belongings that the customers in the establishment had on them at the time. The three also assaulted anyone who resisted in the robbery, splitting open the heads of three customers, according to a local report in Peru by media outlet, El Comercio.

The robbery and shooting of Fedotov was caught on camera, and Shevchenko can be seen running to his aid after the shooting ceased. You can watch the footage at

The incident was actually caught on camera, and security footage of the incident can be seen online here.

Following the incident, Shevchenko released the following statement via her official Facebook page:

“Thank you so much dear friends for all the moral support in this very hard time that I and my family are going through!

On Sunday my coach master Pavel risked his life to defend me and the people that I was having dinner at the local restaurant.

I was at the back of the restaurant, and I’ve seen how the thieves went from table to table hitting the diners and snatching their belongings without anyone being able to help them. When they were getting closer towards our table, Pavel acted very determined and bravely.

If criminals would have found the gun he was carrying they would have thought that he was a cop, and very likely that they would have killed him with his own gun.

The Act of Pavel was not only in self-defense, but also the defense of my life and also of the people who were by my side!

Now Pavel is recovering thanks to God!”

Valentina Shevchenko is scheduled to meet former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm in the main event of UFC On FOX 20 on July 23, 2016 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

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