Thursday, June 30, 2022

Volkanovski’s Team Thinks Oliveira Is A Tougher Task Than Makhachev At LW

Alexander Volkanovski and his team are thinking about possible opponents at lightweight.

The UFC Featherweight Champion has been vocal about his idea to make the jump up in weight and try his hand at the lightweight title. With that title vacant at this point, he could have his choice of an opponent if he did, in fact, get that opportunity. With the UFC allowing dual champions in the past, the odds of Volkanovski getting this chance is not out of the question.

Volkanovski’s team has been running the options for his lightweight debut and they have come to a conclusion about which top contender would be most favorable for the featherweight champion. Volkanovski’s coach Eugene Bareman spoke with Submission Radio about his findings.

“Definitely [Charles Oliveira] is a more difficult match, in my opinion,” Bareman said via Sportskeeda. “Yeah, I mean, just Oliveira has a more well-rounded skill set, so there’s more to deal with. I know a lot of people talk about, I mean, Islam Makhachev has good stand up but that just depends on who you are looking in, I guess. But yeah, I just think Oliveira is just somewhat would be a more well-rounded skill set for Alexander Volkanovski to deal with.”

Oliveira was stripped of his lightweight title prior to his last bout at UFC 274 due to missing weight. He went on to win the fight but left without the strap. It is assumed, although not official, that he will fight next for the title once again and the frontrunner for possible opponent seems to be Islam Makhachev.

As for Volkanovski, he will remain at featherweight at least for his next bout. He is scheduled to face Max Holloway for the third time in the co-main event of the upcoming UFC 276 card on July 2.

How do you think Alexander Volkanovski will fare if he makes the move to lightweight?

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