Monday, July 4, 2022

Watch: Mingyang Kicks Off Road To UFC With Huge Upset KO

The first bout of the UFC’s series of Road to UFC cards opened with a massive upset by light heavyweight Zhang Mingyang.

Competing in the very first bout of Road to UFC 1, Zhang faced heavily favored Fury FC light heavyweight champion George Tokkos. Zhang was listed as nearly a 5-1 underdog in some places, but the Chinese fighter clearly didn’t bother checking the odds before the fight.

After the two men slugged it out for the first 4 minutes of the bout, Zhang landed a huge right hand that floored Tokkos. The 23-year-old followed up with punches until the ref stepped in, but the fight was likely over the moment Zhang landed that first right hand.

This was Zhang’s ninth win in a row, and he improved his pro record to 16-6 overall. His was only the first of a number of highlight-reel finishes from this series of cards leading up to UFC 275.

What’s your reaction to this upset victory from Zhang Mingyang at Road to the UFC 1?

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