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Amanda Nunes Casts Who Would Play Her In A Movie

UFC featherweight champ Amanda Nunes picks who could play her in a movie about her life.

When it comes to UFC champions, Amanda Nunes is among the greats. Holding two UFC belts for years and defending both got her ranked as the best female pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC. At the end of her career, she may very well go down as the greatest female fighter of all time. With such accolades, perhaps Hollywood could be calling.

There have been many great sports biopic movies in recent years; and if a UFC fighter were to become the subject of one of these movies, Nunes would be a great choice. Her rise up the UFC rankings and defeating the best to have ever fought would make for a great story.

But who would play Nunes is such a movie? In a recent interview with Laura Sanko, Nunes gave her thoughts on who her leading lady could be. Her choice is none other than Michelle Rodriguez.

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“Her personality match with mine, and even (her movies),” She said of Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is best known for her performances in the Fast and Furious movies, as well as Blue Crush and Resident Evil. The physical similarities are certainly there and Rodriguez is known for playing the tough girl, which fits Nunes perfectly. Rodriguez’s first feature film was one called Girlfight in which she plays a young girl looking to become a boxer. When asked what the title of the film would be, Nunes replied with, “The Lioness.”

With the success of the movie Bruised starring Halley Berry and Valentina Shevchenko, the interest for a biography-style movie on Nunes could be there. Nunes herself had a small role in Bruised as well.

Nunes is not ready to retire just yet, she still has more work to do in the UFC, starting with getting her bantamweight belt back. She is set to take on Julianna Peña once again this weekend at UFC 277. Here, we will see the climax of The Lioness’ story in front of a live viewing audience.

Who would you choose to play Nunes in a movie about her life?

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