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Fallon Fox Doubles Down On Past Remarks After Renewed Backlash

Fallon Fox has responded after a BBC radio host admitted to being unaware of previous controversial comments made by the transgender MMA fighter before interviewing her.

The topic of transgender athletes in sports was a major news story recently after the International Swimming Federation (FINA) adopted a new policy that effectively banned transgender women from competing in women’s swimming competitions.

BBC’s Justin Webb invited Fallon Fox, MMA’s first openly transgender fighter, onto BBC Radio 4’s Today program to discuss the news. Webb’s decision to speak with Fox was quickly met with backlash and criticism from listeners due to violent statements made by Fox in 2020 about previous opponents.

“For the record, I knocked two out. One woman’s skull was fractured, the other not. And just so you know, I enjoyed it. See, I love smacking up TEFS in the cage who talk transphobic nonsense. It’s bliss! Don’t be mad”

While the tweet was deleted, Twitter users sent screenshots of it to Webb following his interview with Fox.

For his part, Webb openly admitted to not having knowledge of Fox’s previous comments before inviting the fighter onto his show. In a response to one tweet informing him of the situation, Webb stressed the importance of addressing the subject of transgender athletes as fairly as possible.

“I think you’re right Nikki. I had no idea (and frankly I am one of the better informed on this subject) and the producers didn’t either. We need to tackle these issues fairly but not from the ‘everyone calm down’ perspective that fails to note who is violent and who is not.”

Fallon Fox Fires Back At BBC

Weeks after Webb’s remarks, Fox has addressed how BBC handled the controversy while also doubling down on her past remarks.

“It’s part of MMA culture to talk smack about opponents. You see it all the time,” a fact borne out by the millions of views of YouTube videos featuring smack-talking MMA fighters. “Only when I do it people take issue with it,” Fox told The Los Angeles Blade.

“They frame it as I’m a ‘transgender athlete who boasted of violence against women’ as if I was talking about fighting all women in the MMA cage,” Fox told the Los Angeles Blade in a private online conversation on Facebook Messenger Saturday. “I specifically mentioned TERFs. And I had good reason to call them that and feel that way about it. Especially since our jobs were to actually try to beat each other up.”

Fox would also post the following tweets addressing the recent backlash.

“I stand by my statement. Lol Transphobic TERFs fighting in the cage deserve no respect from me, a trans woman. Both the Daily Mail and BBC’s Justin Webb allude this is wrong because I’m talking about “hitting women”. Well, WTF they think women do to each other in the MMA cage?”

“I’m the only MMA fighter that they attack for talking smack about someone I was going to fight or have fought. Because, they don’t look at me as truly a woman.”

Fox also clarified that her comments were specifically directed at two of her previous opponents, Erica Newsome and Tamikka Brents, both of whom reportedly called Fox’s participation in WMMA to be “unfair.” Fox defeated both women via KO/TKO.

Fallon Fox made her pro MMA debut in 2012 and went 3-0 before losing to future UFC veteran Ashlee Evans-Smith. “Queen of Swords” then defeated Heather Bassett via armbar in 2014 and last competed when she finished Brents with strikes later that year.

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