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Brain Ortega Makes His Pick For Featherweight GOAT

Brian Ortega is laying down who he would put on his UFC featherweight GOAT list.

At this moment in time, the UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski looks pretty unstoppable. He has won his last 22 professional fights, including defending the UFC title four times. One of those defenses came over Brian Ortega at UFC 266. Even though Ortega knows just how dangerous the champ is, he is still looking to get another shot at him.

When asked who Ortega thought was the greatest featherweight fighter of all time, Ortega laid down another name beside Volkanovski’s.

“I think [José] Aldo as of right now, just because of (how many times he defended the title). I remember just being barely pro and watching him go from WEC to UFC and stay there for the longest till Max beat him,” Ortega said in his media day interview for UFC on ABC 3. “To be the king for that many years, that’s a lot of years. So as of right now, it’s him.”

Brian Ortega Believes Alexander Volkanovski Could Be On His Way To GOAT Status

José Aldo dominated the featherweight division for many years. He defended the UFC title seven times during his reign. Aldo is still competing but has since moved to the bantamweight division. Now with Volkanovski at the helm of the division, Ortega believes he could be on his way to surpassing Aldo.

“But for sure, I see Volkanovski right there with him as well based off everything that he’s done. And Max is [in the discussion] as well,” he explained.

Ortega is hoping to make it back into title shot contention with a win over Yair Rodriguez this weekend at UFC Long Island. If so, he may get another chance to finish what he started with the champ and perhaps solidify his face on that featherweight Mount Rushmore when all is said and done.

Who do you think is the UFC featherweight GOAT?

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