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Velasquez’s Former Coach Rips Double Standard In Legal System

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez‘s longtime MMA coach has given his first public comments on Velasquez’s legal situation.

Velasquez remains detained for attempted murder among other charges stemming from a February incident involving the alleged molester of his son at a nearby daycare. In a high-speed chase, Velasquez shot at Harry Goularte’s vehicle and hit Goularte’s stepfather, Paul Bender.

Velasquez has been denied bail on three separate occasions over the past five months, including most recently last week. He and his legal team continue to make their case for Velasquez to be released to his family during the trial.

Many current and former UFC fighters, including Velasquez’s former American Kickboxing Academy teammates Khabib Nurmagomedov and Daniel Cormier, have spoken in favor of Velasquez and his current situation. But we haven’t heard a lot from Javier Mendez, his long-time head coach during his battles in the heavyweight division.

AKA Head Coach Javier Mendez Weighs In On Cain Velasquez

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During a recent interview with Submission Radio, Mendez gave his thoughts on the ongoing trial of Velasquez.

“At the present time that I know of, there’s really nothing other than the judicial system to do their job,” Mendez said of Velasquez’s case. “Hopefully he can get bail soon so he can he be with his family while they work to fight the legal issues that he’s facing. Let’s see what happens. It’s sad that California is doing what they’re doing.

“They let an alleged pedophile out when someone like Cain, who did something that the system was not doing, and now he’s the one that can’t be let out. But the other guy is out, free as a bird. It makes zero sense to me. I speak to so many law officers that are involved, and they all think it’s a bunch of bullsh*t what’s happening to him. And it is. But let the system work itself, and let’s pray he gets what is deserved coming to him, which is freedom.” (h/t MMA Junkie)

Goularte has pleaded not guilty to the molestation charge and is scheduled to make an in-person court appearance on Sept. 20. He was previously allowed to attend court virtually to this point in the investigation.

Mendez is far from the only person to make their frustrations known regarding the treatment of Velasquez. Protestors have made their voice heard outside of the courtroom throughout the trial in favor of the former UFC heavyweight champion.

Velasquez is scheduled for a motion hearing on Aug. 5th, followed by a plea hearing on Aug. 19th.

Do you agree with Javier Mendez’s comments on Cain Velasquez’s case?

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