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Chael Sonnen Explains The Big Boxing “Secret” Jake Paul Has Kept

Chael Sonnen has dissected why he believes Jake Paul has opted to fight non-boxers to begin his career in the ring.

Paul is coming off of a calendar year in 2021 which featured back-to-back wins over former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, along with a first-round knockout over Ben Askren. He’s slated to face Hasim Rahman Jr. in his boxing return on August 6th.

Paul has been a polarizing presence in boxing since his debut against fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib back in early 2020. His 5-0 professional record has come against former MMA standouts, former NBA star Nate Robinson, and AnEsonGib.

Paul has been criticized for his poor strength of schedule so far in his career, but Sonnen believes there’s a method behind his boxing trajectory.

Chael Sonnen Says Real Boxers Don’t Want A Fight With Jake Paul

Jake Paul
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During a recent podcast episode, Sonnen explained Paul’s boxing career path and addressed Tommy Fury’s recent withdrawal.

“It wasn’t just he [Fury] who didn’t want to do it… It’s the entire industry. There wasn’t a boxer amongst them that wanted to get in there,” Sonnen said of Paul. “Jake Paul was getting teased for bringing in people from other sports. Jake Paul never revealed this secret. He took the bumps, he took the lumps you guys gave him. ‘You don’t want to fight a real boxer. You can’t do it against a real boxer. Get a real boxer in there.’ He took those lumps and bumps over the head because he’s new in an industry and he wanted to protect the secrets.

“If Jake was to ever be open, and candid, and honest, he would have said, ‘Guys, fellow boxers don’t want in there with me. They’re scared they’re going to lose.’ … Jake never built himself up. He never did. Through that same humble process, he did look out for the industry of which he is trying to join. He looked out for the industry by not outing the whole thing as there’s nothing but cowards here. ‘I have to go to MMA guys. I have to call up Dana White and company, or I can’t get a guy.’ … That’s the secret that he’s been keeping.”

Sonnen has previously argued that Paul has also had the advantage of mental warfare when it comes to his fights. He was briefly linked to a matchup with former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, which would’ve given him a challenge when it comes to trash talk.

Paul will face his first fight with a ‘true boxer’ in the form of Rahman, a 12-1 heavyweight and a son of a former boxing world champion. A win over Rahman could help silence some of the naysayers who believe that Paul’s boxing career is tainted by his level of competition.

What are your thoughts on Chael Sonnen’s comments about Jake Paul?

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