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Chael Sonnen Rejects Official Rodríguez/Ortega Narrative

Chael Sonnen isn’t buying the idea that Yair Rodríguez’s TKO win over Brian Ortega was as controversial as the broadcast made it out to be.

The highly anticipated featherweight main event at UFC Long Island came to an anticlimactic end after Ortega injured his shoulder during a scramble with Rodríguez. Just minutes into the fight, Rodríguez was given the TKO win as Ortega was unable to continue fighting.

Ortega’s injury was deemed a freak accident by many in the MMA community, including the broadcast team for UFC Long Island. Calls for an immediate rematch were made directly after Ortega suffered the shoulder injury.

But Sonnen presented a different talking point when it comes to the unfortunate end to the 145lb headliner.

Chael Sonnen Analyzes Abrupt Ending To Brian Ortega Vs. Yair  Rodríguez

Brian Ortega, Yair Rodriguez
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During a recent video on his YouTube channel, Sonnen made the case for Rodríguez’s TKO win to be looked at from a different perspective.

“They’re saying when this fight was over that this was a TKO. All the announcers were drinking to that. They were all sharing that around with everybody. I don’t know what New York called it. This fight ended 15 seconds before I sat down. I will just tell you when Rodríguez has Ortega in a submission and the moment that that attempt is over, the arm that was being attacked is now injured, that’s what we call a submission,” Sonnen said. “Period. We didn’t pull out of that position a moment later, or a minute later, a millisecond later. No, it was the exact same time.”

Sonnen went on to explain the position that led Ortega’s shoulder to pop out of its socket.

“Just so you understand this position, I understand that he’s looking for the elbow. I get that he’s looking for manipulation of the joint. I get that. But the second that he pulls out, the shoulder of the arm under attack is injured to the point that the fight cannot be continued,” Sonnen explained. “Now a TKO, extremely specifically, is when the ref steps in to save a fighter who has failed to save himself or whose corner doesn’t have the heart/guts to throw in the towel. Is that what happened?”

During their post-fight interviews, Ortega and Rodríguez seemed intent on running it back soon. For now, Rodríguez could potentially be next in line for a title shot against UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski.

The Ortega/Rodríguez finish highlights the spontaneity of the sport and why fans have a genuine love for MMA. But, Sonnen thinks that the circumstances surrounding this particular fight are different than other controversial finishes.

Do you agree with Chael Sonnen?

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