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Conor McGregor Can Relate To Nunes’ UFC 277 Redemption

UFC star Conor McGregor sees some mirroring between Amanda Nunes’ win over Julianna Peña at UFC 277 with his Nate Diaz rematch win.

McGregor is working his way back to the UFC Octagon following leg surgery he underwent after his trilogy with Dustin Poirier at UFC 264. An exact timeframe and opponent for his return haven’t been announced by the UFC.

McGregor remains a student of the game despite the year-long hiatus from competition. He enjoyed watching an exciting night at UFC 277 as Nunes capped it off with a unanimous decision win over Peña.

As McGregor witnessed another epic night of fights, he reminisced about a time when he was looking for his revenge against Diaz just as Nunes did against Peña. The consensus GOAT of women’s MMA lost to Peña last December at UFC 269 before rebounding with a decisive victory last night.

Conor McGregor Reacts To Amanda Nunes’ Return To ‘Champ-Champ’ Status

In a recent tweet, McGregor gave his immediate reaction to Nunes exacting her revenge on Peña.

“It’s mad to me the similarities between last night’s ladies’ bantamweight world title fight/rematch, to mine with Diaz,” McGregor explained. “Fight No. 1, the GOAT of the sport, Amanda Nunes, toughness, willing to fight, and caught off guard. Eats a couple of shots, then gives a couple of shots. Then the tide turned, then gets choked.

“Now, the rematch… confidence on the other side, tenacity/toughness all that is still there. More focus on Amanda Nunes’ side, my side. The reason I’m saying this is, I’m a fan of both women… at the end of the original bout ‘I’m not surprised mothafuckas’ and then again… and the fight goes the exact way in the second fight. Dropped multiple times, better prepared, but the toughness is still there, still in Amanda’s face, still in my face. Some fights are iconic mixed martial arts bouts that we get to witness.”

Unfortunately for UFC fans, a trilogy between McGregor and Diaz may not happen as Diaz’s current contract comes to a close. Meanwhile, a trilogy between Peña and Nunes soon may not be too far-fetched.

Nunes is now back to being a two-weight UFC champion following her rematch win over Peña. She has hinted at taking some time off from competition following the win, just as McGregor did following his rematch win over Diaz at UFC 202.

One can argue that McGregor’s best performances in the UFC may be behind him, but he remains in admiration of his fellow UFC stars as he works his way back to potentially earning another title shot.

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