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Cub Swanson Pitches A New UFC HOF Wing

Cub Swanson has an idea for a potential new wing of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Cub Swanson may go down as one of the most respected featherweights ever in MMA. Swanson came to the UFC back in 2010 when the UFC first created the division. At the time, fighters in the WEC were brought over to the UFC along with champion Jose Aldo.

In such a young division, Swanson definitely stood out. Now, over ten years later he is still fighting and has had a fight entered into the Hall of Fame.

The 2016 fight Swanson had against Doo Ho Choi was the newest entry into the UFC Hall of Fame Fight Wing. Swanson won that all-out brawl against Choi by unanimous decision at UFC 206.

Getting into the Hall of Fame is a great accomplishment, but Swanson is unsure if he will get inducted again as a fighter. He even has an idea for a new wing in which he could be included.

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Swanson: WEC Wing Would Be Good HOF Addition

“The whole belt thing is something that, you know, it’s like when people go, Oh, you’re gonna go into the Hall of Fame again for your career,” Swanson said to MMA Junkie. “I’m always like, I don’t know, I really can’t call that, it’s kind of hard to say that that’s going to happen because usually, it’s guys that are longtime champions or double champions.

“And like I said, I never fought for a title, but I didn’t really feel like that was my fault. I felt like there’s other reasons for that. I was right there for a long time. My goal has always been putting on exciting fights and I really hope that there’s some kind of a WEC wing in the Hall of Fame at some point. That would be cool.”

The WEC played a huge part in the early days of the UFC. The current UFC featherweight and bantamweight divisions originated with the WEC. The WEC champions were brought over and crowned as UFC champs.

Many WEC fighters went on to be some of the greatest to have ever stepped foot in the Octagon. Swanson’s idea for a WEC wing could include such names as Aldo, Urijah Faber, Donald Cerrone, Dominick Cruz, Demetrious Johnson, and many more.

Would is your favorite former WEC fighter?

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