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Curtis Responds To Sonnen Video, Twitter Back & Forth Ensues

In a surprising clash of MMA personalities, UFC middleweight Chris Curtis and fighter-turned-analyst Chael Sonnen have gone back and forth on social media.

At UFC London this past weekend, Curtis crossed the pond for a short-notice opportunity against top-10 contender Jack Hermansson. But after failing to impose his will on the feet against a “Joker” who was surprisingly willing to strike, “The Action Man” let his frustrations out post-fight, constantly flipping the bird at the Swedish-born Norwegian and accusing him of ‘running’ for three rounds.

While he apologized to Hermansson and the pair made up soon after, it appears that Curtis’ frustrations haven’t fully dissipated. Having evidently received a significant amount of hate online, Curtis’ annoyance boiled over, with Sonnen taking the brunt.

After being alerted to a video posted on Sonnen’s YouTube channel, Curtis took aim at “The American Gangster,” suggesting that he doesn’t care what the former title challenger says and criticizing the wrestling-heavy fighting style he employed throughout his career.

Chris Curtis tweet

“People keep asking me if I heard what Chael Sonnen said. Guys I don’t give a f*ck about Chael Sonnen and let’s be real, nobody has ever watched a Chael Sonnen fight for entertainment. Ever,” Curtis wrote. “Remember how exciting it was to see him lay on Silva for 4.5 rounds?”

It’s unclear what Curtis saw that offended him, with Sonnen actually being complimentary towards Curtis for taking the bout on short notice, which is something that he noted in response to the middleweight.

“I said beautiful things about your fight and I commended your attitude for stepping in on short notice,” Sonnen responded. “Of course now that you have disclosed how you feel we can consider it the last compliment I give you.”

In response to a user who confirmed that Sonnen hadn’t said anything insulting or negative in his video, Curtis admitted that he actually hadn’t watched it for himself before addressing the former fighter.

“I didn’t even watch it,” Curtis admitted. “It’s all people being slamming me today because what Chael says. And I have given Hella respect to his talent on the Mic and actual fighting ability.”

And therein lies the root of the issue. Don’t trust the Internet, folks.

Curtis Apologizes To Sonnen After Jumping The Gun

Pretty quickly, it became evident that Curtis had firmly jumped the gun with his tweets, something the reaction of Sonnen and some fans confirmed.

With that, and after Sonnen promised to clear things up in another video, Curtis was left needing to backtrack for the second time in a number of days.

After noting that he’d simply “lumped” what he’d seen about Sonnen with the other hate he’s been receiving, Curtis apologized for not looking deeper into the 45-year-old’s remarks.

“Fair enough. Not what was conveyed to me. That one is one me. Today has been a steady deluge of hate and everything else. Then this came up I lumped it in there with all the rest without doing a deep dive. Say what you will tomorrow, I earned that one. Regardless my apologies,” Curtis wrote.

Curtis went on to double down on his apology, and also admit that he perhaps needs to step away from social media for the time being.

“Honestly I f*cked up,” Curtis added. “This had been way harder than I anticipated and I assumed I was just getting dumped on more. By you of all people made it worse. Regardless I apologize and I own that I you deserve to speak you peace on it. I’ll take my licks and take a Twitter break after.”

“Never lost a round I am aware. The internet is surprisingly vocal on that fact. Not really sure what to say? I jumped the gun hard. I can’t apologize enough for that. I may need to steep away from Twitter for a bit,” Curtis noted. “It’s genuinely getting to me. The disrespect was unfair.”

What do you make of Chris Curtis and Chael Sonnen’s back and forth?

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