Sunday, August 14, 2022

Fighters Cry Foul On Dana White Following $250k Gift

UFC President Dana White has ruffled some feathers in the MMA community with his recent lucrative gift to Nelk Boys’ Kyle Forgeard.

White gave Forgeard a $250k present for his birthday earlier this week. This prompted quite the reaction from fighters such as UFC Bantamweight Champion Aljamain Sterling and others.

Fighter pay has been a hot-button issue in the UFC in recent years, as Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou and welterweight Jorge Masvidal have iterated. White has explained that the UFC is a business and paying his roster a significantly higher amount could be problematic for the promotion’s economy.

But White didn’t take issue with paying his friend Forgeard a high amount, which created quite a heated reaction from some on social media.

Twitter Reacts To Dana White’s Generous Gift Amidst Fighter Pay Debate

See what MMA Twitter had to say about White’s generosity.

White has also been the target of polarizing boxer Jake Paul in recent months. Paul has attacked White on social media and has accused him of treating his fighters poorly when it comes to financial compensation.

Sterling’s tweet, in particular, comes after he’s expressed his desire to be better compensated ahead of a potential title defense against TJ Dillashaw. White has yet to adhere to Sterling’s demands.

White has yet to publicly respond to the recent criticism of him, but he could be asked about the controversy in the coming months.

Do you think Dana White’s big gift is a bad look?

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